About Our Farm

Our Farm

Melodye's Story & Who we are

It’s always been Melodye’s dream to operate a family farm, raising food and agricultural goods in a sustainable and healthy way for our community. As a third generation farmer, she is passionate about raising quality animals and creating quality products. With over 15 personal years of raising breeds such as Alpacas, she has been the recipient of multiple awards for her animals.

Our family farm is located in Thackerville, OK and is a mix of pasture and hardwoods.  Our animals are healthy & happy, graze on our pastures, and forage on the forest floor.

We raise Dairy Goats, Horses, Silkie Chickens, Sheep and Alpacas for wool, eggs, meat and enjoyment. We also host guest campers on our property. 

What makes us different

quality breeding, Feed & products

Quality Breeding

We have the highest quality and most well cared for livestock in our region. We believe in excellence when it comes to raising healthy breeds, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure their most optimal upbringing, well sourced nutrition and much more.

Well Sourced Feed

Well sourced nutrition is the key to raising the highest quality breeds. We go above and beyond, work with the best sources to create customized diets for each animal in our care which is why our breeding is award winning as compared to local pet breeders.

Regional & Handmade Products

Our local and handmade animal products are the best anywhere! We serve happy customers in North Texas and Oklahoma. We also ship our products nationwide!